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The Setup Process

To provide the correct setup process, please select your accounting system

QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Desktop

Setting Up eRequisition using QuickBooks Online


Sign Up Online

Sign Up

To get started please create an account by signing up Online

If you already have a Trxlink/eRequisition account, please continue to Step 2.

  1. Log in to eRequisition as the Administrator.

  2. Select Menu > Settings > Company Settings > Select the button "Connect QuickBooks".

  3. During the Connection process, please follow the instructions provided by Intuit.

  4. Once complete the Green "Connect to QuickBooks" will be replaced with a Red "Disconnect QuickBooks" button.

Log in - Connect QuickBooks


1. Menu

2. Settings

3. Company


4. Connect to QuickBooks

5. Save

2. User


1. User


  1. Once you have selected to Add or Edit a user, the User Information field will unlock.

  2. Complete all the fields shown.

  3. Once all fields are completed and Saved, the newly created user will show on the Workflow Screen.

4. Add User

1. Menu

2. Settings

3. User


  1. Select Menu > Settings > User Management

    1. To add a new user select the Green Add (+) icon.
    2. To edit an existing user, select the user's name in the dropdown and select the Edit icon.
    3. To delete a suer, select the user's name in the dropdown and then select the Trashcan icon.

Create New Users

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