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Receiving an error during PO creation

Unable to create PO due to the reason : You must select a product/service or an account for each split line with either an amount or a billable customer.

No need to fret! The fix is just changing a setting in QuickBooks Online

1. Open the Products and Services list in QuickBooks Online

2. Select "Edit" on each item that you will use in a Purchase Order

3. Select "I purchase this product/service from a vendor".


To use a product/service on a purchase order the checkbox must be selected, or QuickBooks will not allow the item to be used in any purchase order. By default, QuickBooks selects "I sell this product/service to my customers". Therefore, you can sell this item, but you must enable the ability to purchase this item to use it on a PO.

4. Select                                  and a new Purchase Order will be created in QuickBooks

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